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The Leveller
The Leveller
The Leveller
The Leveller

The Leveller is proudly made In Canada.
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The Leveller

Professional? Weekend warrior?
Now you can level any deck in no time.

The Leveller is an adjustable deck support that allows you to adjust for uneven surfaces on decks, patios, steps and even posts. With the Leveller, there are no more worries about uneven concrete sidewalk blocks, footings, or any ground cover. The Leveller is easy to use and is made from high quality, 1,” Grade-5, zinc-coated steel. Tested to withstand 7000 lb, the Leveller fits on any type of post or leg and looks great too! You simply install The Leveller by drilling into the bottom of a wooden leg or post, insert The Leveller, and adjust to the desired length. It's that easy. We guarantee it.

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Unlike other base levellers, The Leveller’s levelling foot is installed inside a leg/post, thus protecting the thread from the elements. The Leveller can be installed inside a leg/post or between a post and joist. As all decks settle or heave over time, The Leveller can simply be adjusted so your project will once again be level. The Leveller has an SAE Proof Load Rating of 85,000 psi.

Easy to Install

  1. Drill a 1 1/8” hole in centre of post/leg.
  2. Attach top of The Leveller to bottom of post/leg using 3, #8 screws.
  3. Thread in bottom of leveller. Install complete!

Easy to Adjust
Simply use a large wrench, pipe wrench or pliers. You can also use a pry-bar, jack or piece of 2x4 to pry up on the post/leg and simply adjust by hand, threading in or out.

- Steel posts, steps, decks and patios (weld in leg)
- Wood posts, steps, decks and patios
- Work benches or tool stands
- Pergolas, gazebos, arbors
- Platforms or stages
- Stair landings
- Porches
- Sheds

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“I use the Leveller on all my new deck builds. This allows my
customer to make any adjustments over time, instead of having to
call me. I love them.”
"I bought an older house, and noticed later I had two parts of my deck that were sagging. Looked online for someone to fix it and found The Leveller. Five days later I’d fixed it myself."

Purchase Program

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New Deck

The most challenging part of building a new deck is making sure it's level. Nobody wants their beverages sliding off a table while enjoying the summer sun.

Sagging Deck

Have a sagging deck? Put that phone down. Level it yourself, with Level Depot. Simply drill a hole into a leg post in the sagging area using our drill bit, insert The Leveller, and adjust to the desired height.

Fence Post

We don’t only work with patios. You can install The Leveller in any wooden leg or post, including in fences. The process is the same as a sagging deck.