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Leveller Stable Base
Leveller Stable Base

Leveller Stable Base

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Unlike other base levellers, The Leveller’s levelling foot is installed inside a leg/post, thus protecting the thread from the elements. The Leveller can be installed inside a leg/post or between a post and joist. As all decks settle or heave over time, The Leveller can simply be adjusted so your project will once again be level. The Leveller has an SAE Proof Load Rating of 85,000 psi.

Easy to Install

  1. Drill a 1 1/8” hole in centre of post/leg.
  2. Attach top of The Leveller to bottom of post/leg using 3, #8 screws.
  3. Thread in bottom of leveller. Install complete!

Easy to Adjust
Simply use a large wrench, pipe wrench or pliers. You can also use a pry-bar, jack or piece of 2x4 to pry up on the post/leg and simply adjust by hand, threading in or out.

- Steel posts, steps, decks and patios (weld in leg)
- Wood posts, steps, decks and patios
- Work benches or tool stands
- Pergolas, gazebos, arbors
- Platforms or stages
- Stair landings
- Porches
- Sheds

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